Assisted Living

Are you still using 1940’s bingo card technology to manage your medications?

LTC Health Solutions — Pharmacy is here to bring you into the 21st century with AutoPack® by Talyst®.

This state-of-the-art technology enables secure, automated medication dispensing at our central packaging location. By partnering with LTC Health Solutions — Pharmacy and utilizing our AutoPack® system, your facility will improve patient safety, reduce medication waste, and save staff time.

Improves Safety:

Barcode scanning technology enables accurate, timely medication passes; each medication packet is securely sealed and clearly labeled with patient information.

Eliminates Waste:

Medications are dispensed in 7-day fill cycles or can be customized to your facility’s needs; no more unused blister cards to destroy when orders change or patients discharge.

Saves Time:

Dramatically reduces the time needed to prepare for medication passes; med carts are less cluttered and medication packets are more easily accessible; enables additional staff time for patient care.

  "  Still Using Paper MARs! " 


The most complete and affordable Electronic MAR.  LTC Pharmacy is recognized as a Gold Partner through QuickMAR®  for outstanding training and implementation.

QuickMAR®  is our preferred electronic MAR system and we would love the opportunity to bring this system and its benefits to your facility. QuickMAR®  provides an easy to use system for the record management of your residents including demographic sheets, care plans, medication orders, charting notes, etc.

QuickMAR®  allows selected users to monitor med pass remotely as well as access dozens of reports at the click of a button. Contact our team to learn how QuickMAR®  can benefit you!