MDM 2 series

The MDM 2 Series is a highly innovative pharmaceutical machine and perfect for semi-automated verification of larger pouch strings. Its small footprint makes it also very suitable for smaller-scale re-packers and individual pharmacies.

  • Used for the verification of medium to large pouch strings which do not need to be cut

Patented technology

Using a number of software algorithms, the MDM reads the pouch barcode and quickly and accurately checks the shape, colour and number of pills. Of each pouch, several image captures are made and stored for security and accountability. All data gathered by the are passed to the system library.


The separator partitions off the pills in the pouch. This will reduce the chance of pills touching or lying on top of one another, which can result in the software not recognising the pill. This requires the pouch to be manually reviewed even though the content is correct, which will influence the efficiency of the process.