A pharmacist's son came up with the idea of a 'pillpack,' an alternative to cumbersome pillboxes, which are put together in New Hampshire.

LTC Pharmacy Delivery


LTC Physicians are able to e-prescribe directly to the pharmacy from their laptop or IPAD.  As long as orders are received to the pharmacy by 6pm they should be able to be delivered directly to the patient the following morning (provided the drugs are in stock in the pharmacy).  


LTC Pharmacy provides delivery services to seniors living in Independent living facilities residents who are serviced by LTC physician Services. Drivers deliver the medications to the facility each night in a secured locked tote and a pharmacy technician delivers to the door the following morning.  Delivery is available Monday through Friday so drug orders must be in by 6pm on Thursday night to deliver before the weekend.


In order to provide this service LTC Health Solutions contracts for rental space within the community and can provide a medical assistant/pharmacy tech on sight up to 40 hours a week to provide coordination and assistants to residents who need medical attention.  Nurse practitioners and physicians assistants work under a  concierge service to provide care to patients. 

They will be on-sight of the facility 2 days each week (hours are depending on needs of patients) and see patients by appointment only.  Appointments can be made by contacting the on-sight MA or calling our centralized appointment scheduler through an 800 number.  Appointments are made based on patient priority and concierge level so we do not guarantee that all patients can be seen on a specific day unless planned well in advance.


Talyst’s automated dispensing technology provides Long-Term Care (LTC) Health Solutions a complete dispensing solution. It offers LTC Health Solutions both remote and centralized options to ensure effective balance of labor and efficiencies to their medication dispensing system.

InSite provides a flexible solution with built-in redundancy to ensure your facilities have the features and medications available that they require. With both InSite Central Fill and Remote Dispensing Solutions, pharmacists have flexible workflows based on customer medication demands.

The InSite Central Fill Dispensing Solution offer pharmacies centralized automated dispensing, a technology that Talyst has used in hundreds of pharmacies. The central fill model is used to dispense automated multi-dose patient specific medication packages in 7-day, 3-4 day, or 2-2-3 day cycles. Unlike 30-day blister cards, the central fill model reduces medication waste and nurses’ time administering medications.