Skilled Nursing and Rehab

InSite Remote Dispensing is the first medication management and pharmacy automation system designed to meet your unique business challenges for Post Acute Care. It allows executives to reduce their pharmacy operation costs, while streamlining their infrastructure. InSite supports workflow efficiencies in your supply chain operations and maximizes your resources.

  • Reduce med pass time.  Because the medications are dispensed by patient by time of day. Medication pass times will be reduced by at least ½.  While you might not be able to reduce the number of nurses (but some communities do) your nurses will certainly have extra time to spend with patients and documentation.

  • Narcotic Count eliminated.  Because the narcotics are only dispensed when taken you eliminate change of shift counts.  This should result in a savings of 30 minutes for each nurse each shift.  Estimated savings in the average 100 bed nursing home over a year is around $100,000 since most of that time is being paid as overtime.
  • Under Reduced costs.  No or reduced fee Dispensing fee with the use machine. Limited back up pharmacy charges.

  • Medicaid Cost Report The automated packing systems can be expenses under the nursing line item on your cost report.  Because most skilled facilities do not maximize in that account your Taylst Machine will increase your daily Medicaid rate.

  • Reduced time on destruction of medications.  Since medications are dispensed at the time they are taken, no more destruction of medications or sending them back to the pharmacy for credit.


Central Fill System

Talyst’s automated dispensing technology provides Long-Term Care (LTC) pharmacies a complete dispensing solution.

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The InSite® 240

Remote Dispensing Unit is part of a complete solution designed to automate medication dispensing at remote locations.

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The most complete and affordable Electronic MAR.  LTC Pharmacy is recognized as a Gold Partner through QuickMAR®  for outstanding training and implementation.

QuickMAR®  is our preferred electronic MAR system and we would love the opportunity to bring this system and its benefits to your facility. QuickMAR®  provides an easy to use system for the record management of your residents including demographic sheets, care plans, medication orders, charting notes, etc.

QuickMAR®  allows selected users to monitor med pass remotely as well as access dozens of reports at the click of a button. Contact our team to learn how QuickMAR®  can benefit you!